Concepts you should understand before building a business

Starting a business can be a very exciting time. For some, it’s like buying a house and choosing all of the finishes, deciding what will be in each room, and going furniture shopping. Those are all of the aesthetics of home buying, but we tend to forget about the money that’s being put down, the […]

The key to understanding your audience

If you’ve caught yourself in a few Facebook groups or around a few branding gurus, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “audience avatar” or “ideal audience avatar”. It’s a very common term used to describe the type of person your business should appeal to or even the type of person you want your business to […]

How to improve your brand in 2023

It’s that time of the year again!  Everyone is ready to whip out a few resolutions that they probably will fall short on after the first two weeks of January.  I know I’ve done it SEVERAL times! Well, as a business owner, setting resolutions for your business is a MUST! However, these resolutions or strategies […]

Girl Radiance

home Portfolio Overview Constance came to us because she was about to celebrate the fifth year of her ministry and revive it with an event after Covid had shut things down for about two years. She wanted to rebrand and start fresh with something that was bright and enticing for her audience. The Plan Constance […]

BB Consulting

home Portfolio Overview James came to us because he and his brother wanted to start a business. They were interested in having a logo created so that they would be considered professional when pitching to larger companies and corporations. The Plan Based on the needs expressed, we decided to start off with brand strategy in […]

The Hustle From Home Mom

home Portfolio About The Hustle From Home Mom provides strategic planning and execution for small business owners and entrepreneurs organically through content creation, community engagement, trend sighting, editing, and creative copy. Business owners can simplify their workflow and streamline their businesses with HFHM social media management.   Overview When Mia contacted us, she was in […]

Beyond Nursing Brunch

home Portfolio Overview Francesca had a desire to host an event where nurses could get together over brunch and have much needed conversations. She desired to have a flyer that would mesh well with her recently taken photograph. The Plan We decided to move forward with our event bundle; creating a signature flyer design for […]

Queensknow – Virtual Vision Board Party

colorful planner with days of the week listed sporadically

home Portfolio About Queensknow is a safe space for women to grow and connect. They do so through their online community, events, journal, podcast and quarterly meetups. Overview Keisha was in need of an event flyer for her virtual vision board party, which was scheduled to be broken down into two events, yet one experience. […]

Utah Estate Planners

home Portfolio About With 25 years of experience, Pattie S. Christensen is a business and estate planning attorney that offers one-on-one service to clients who have been referred to her by the client’s professional advisors. Ms. Christensen works by referral only. Pattie is also an official Utah Remote Notary and notarization for Utah clients may […]

EnLove Dating App

home Portfolio About They say you should never mix business with pleasure, but in this case, we are matching entrepreneurs to make business magic. EnLove is a dating app for entrepreneurs who want to find people like themselves who understand what it is like to be in business. “EnLove”, blends the words entrepreneur, and love, […]

Day 99 | Dessert Shop | Magazine Cover

I am so excited to have reached 99! Tomorrow will be our final design of the challenge, and we are having a party! (explained below) Throughout the challenge, we haven’t done a magazine cover, so I decided to do two for this brand where they are featured on the cover and in a spread. I hope […]

Day 98 | Dessert Shop | Chocolate Bar

Today, we designed two chocolate bar flavors created by Sweets with Sandy. Does it make you want to grab a treat? ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be celebrating and revealing the 100th design on April 10th, 2022 […]

Day 97 | Dessert Shop | Cake Mix & Frosting

Do you enjoy baking? I thought it would be cool for this brand to have their own cake mix and frosting in order to allow their customers to have a taste of the store in their homes. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing […]

Day 96 | Dessert Shop | Packaging

Today, I wanted to create packaging for the desserts that would be enjoyed, so I went with this small box. I’ve seen them used to package very small circular cakes on Instagram. I added the pattern because it is such a big part of this brand’s visual elements. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end […]

Day 95 | Dessert Shop | Pattern Design

To create this pattern, I sketched a few bakery/baking items that are typically seen or used. I used my sketches as a basis for my digital creations and then went ahead to add some color to bring them to life. Once completed, I arranged them and added star shaped “cookie cutters”. I hope you enjoy the vibrancy of […]

Day 94 | Dessert Shop | Logo Design

Say hello to the second to last brand series of this challenge! I can’t believe we’re a few days away from the end, and our 100th design premiere, which will happen on Sunday April 10th! Sweets by Sandy is a dessert shop that fulfills all of your “sweet-tooth” desires. The brand exudes happiness, and enjoyment. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We […]

Day 93 | Drip Therapy | Web Design

Here, I created web design for Radiance Infusions. I wanted to create something that had the same aesthetic as the brochure and business card. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be celebrating and revealing the 100th design on […]

Day 92 | Drip Therapy | Business Card

Again, I used Canva for this design. I wanted a design that simple and didn’t have too much information. Enjoy the design! If you would like to try Canva Pro for free, check out our resources page! ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing […]

Day 91 | Drip Therapy | Brochure Design

Today, I used Canva to create a brochure design for this brand. I wanted it to be simple and straight to the point, as most brochures should be. Unless you’re creating an informational brochure, you don’t want to crowd it too much, or your prospects may not find the value in it. Enjoy the design! […]

Day 90 | Drip Therapy | Pattern Design

I had several ideas for the pattern, so I decided to go with the idea where I had the benefits of drip therapy listed in between “rain drops”. I thought this would be beneficial for marketing materials, where prospects wouldn’t necessarily have to read an entire pamphlet in order to understand what drip therapy is about. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! […]