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James came to us because he and his brother wanted to start a business. They were interested in having a logo created so that they would be considered professional when pitching to larger companies and corporations.

The Plan

Based on the needs expressed, we decided to start off with brand strategy in order to clearly define what the business was about, who they would be targeting, as well as their voice and personality in all of it. Once we completed that, we would go ahead and use the information to create a logo that was fitting for what they wanted to accomplish. We felt that it was important to have logo variations so that their logos would fit in a variety of spaces. We also decided on creating a few patterns that would work with letterheads and other promotional items.

brand strategy workshop

logo with variations

brand patterns


Conducting a brand strategy workshop allowed our client to get the clarity he didn’t realize he needed. It also allowed us to get a deeper understanding of what he wanted to accomplish with his brother. We went through brand core, positioning, and persona. Below you’ll see the purpose and vision statements that we drafted for this brand. We realized that there were two audiences that needed to be catered to.

Purpose Statements

Employer: To match companies with an authentic pool of talent, so that they can cut costs, while increasing brand value.

Talent: To provide access to jobs that match their educational background and skill, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Vision Statements

Employer: To change the narrative of sub-Saharan African talents in the workforce by building a reputation as the “go-to” solution, as well as exposing employers to talents of other countries.

Talent: To equip individuals (talent) with the means of providing a higher quality of life by developing their skills and exposing them to a wider range of employment.

We were also able to create audience personas along with a personality for the brand. We finalized the session with a number of tagline options for the brand as well as potential campaigns that this business would have in the future.


Based on all that we came to understand about BB Consulting, we went forward to start drafting ideas for the brand identity. We were informed that BB stood or Baobab, in reference to the Baobab tree. We went ahead to do some research on what the tree represented and what it did for its environment, and used that as the basis for our design. In addition, we saw the value of helping friends when our clients decided to start this business, and also found a way to combine their heart behind the brand.

The center of the design was a special version of the Baobab tree that we created. The trunk of the tree was transformed to appear as though a hand is pulling one’s arm up. It symbolizes the idea of helping someone up from the “trenches” or the hardship they are experiencing, which describes the purpose for which the business was created. The yellow circle represents the sunlight that reigns throughout the African continent – bold and bright.

Once the primary logo was designed, we went forward with creating variations of the design. We understood that the design would not transfer well (directly) into all black or all white, so we created some separation so that all of the elements were clearly seen.

Finding and working with Gyidi Web Design and Consulting has been an amazing experience. Cynthia, our web designer took the time to listen to our needs and brought our vision to life. She takes initiative on things that need to be done and takes the time to understand our brand and present it to the world in its best light. Everyone  compliments our website and we can strongly recommend Gyidi Web Design and Consulting over and over again. Not only do they get the job done, but they get it done in a timely manner and go above and beyond.

James B.

Project Credits

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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