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Get acquainted with what it means to have a brand.

Transform your understanding with six bite-sized, but detailed lessons, distributed over 6 days. Acquire the knowledge that will allow you to start valuing and reconstructing your business through branding.

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Increased knowledge,
Lasting impressions.

In order to make any significant changes in your business, you need to acquire knowledge in the areas you are not adept.

Many of us are so quick to throw around the words “brand” or “branding” without truly understanding what it means and its impact.

A true understanding of the concept allows you to build a lasting connection with your audience and garner their loyalty, which then improves and increases your sales.

In this course, you'll learn...

Discover what it means to have a brand. It may actually shock you to know that it goes beyond what most assume.

Learn what a brand can do for your business when you give it some love and attention.

After breaking down the definition of a brand in Day 1, you’ll learn all of the 5 components that allow you to build your brand successfully.

We’re taking things up to another level by culminating all that you’ve learned so far to finally breakdown the term “branding”.

Dig into 5 ways that your branding can elevate the way that you do business, should you choose to invest in it.

After all you’ve learned, it’s time for a recap as well as some instructions on what your next steps are.

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Who's Behind This?

Cynthia Akita

brand strategist | brand + web designer | author

I’ve spent years guiding entrepreneurs in building brands that attract their audience. I’ve had the privilege of building their brand suites and websites, as well as offering them brand strategy in order to set the proper foundations for their business.

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