Build a lasting foundation

Brand Strategy

is the development of a plan to achieve long-term goals, in order to properly position your brand in the minds of its consumers.

Owning a business goes beyond creating a cute logo and choosing a nice color palette that’ll be implemented onto your shotgun website design. A long-lasting business depends on STRATEGY! Strategy helps you understand the foundation of WHAT you do, WHY you do it, HOW you do it, and so much more! It allows you to create a clear action plan for targeting your audience and delivering an experience that they will truly enjoy. Brand strategy tackles all of that and lays the foundation for you to then move forward with brand assets, marketing, and all you require to run your business successfully.

How do you want your brand to be remembered? How do you want people to feel when they hear the name of your business or see your logo? That’s what we are configuring in this personal workshop. It’s all about the foundation.

Investment starts at $997

Timeline: ~3 Hours

Include your team

Invite up to 3 of your most influential team members. This will allow us to get a more accurate understanding of what your brand is meant to accomplish.

Worksheet included

You'll receive our worksheet so that you can also take notes during the workshop.

Completion Brief

After your workshop, we'll send over a brief with all of our official notes, so that you can get started with implementation.

Extras: Additional Team Members: $149 per person

Reduced Service Fees: If you complete our workshop within 6 months of purchasing one of our additional services (Brand Identity Suite, Web Design or Brand + Web Suite), you will receive a discount on the service(s).

Case Studies

The Process

Our Clients

I really found the content of the strategy session super helpful and eye opening. I gained so much clarity regarding my brand. I was able to pinpoint gaps in my branding that needed attention. There were areas about my brand that I did not know to consider until I was in the session going through the curriculum. I was so excited to be a part of the session and it brought so much value to my business and branding. I must revamp some areas of my branding and I am excited about the changes that I will be making to my brand in the future.

I truly enjoyed Cynthia of Gyidi Designs strategy session that I took with three of my sisters in business and I learned alot about my business overall. However, something I learned that became evident through the various assignments was how important it is to get clarity about what you’re doing from the beginning because then it creates a much better (clearer) roadmap to where you and/or your business can/should be going moving forward. So, I learned that my biggest audience is a specific group of women and one of my best starting points is to create a prototype of that particular person and now I feel much more confident starting back up again. The session honestly flowed very very well and I feel like for it to have been virtual and in a group setting - Cynthia was still able to give that individual time and attention to whomever needed it and for whatever reason. Sis is the truth and I wish I’d taken one of her sessions a lot sooner.

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