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We transform businesses by building captivating brands that allow them to embrace strategy, mesmerize their audience, and increase economic value.

What is branding?

It’s the act of shaping the minds of your audience towards your business. It includes a variety of items that are not limited to strategy, visual elements, marketing, and consistency.

A brand is the way someone perceives or experiences your business, product, or even yourself (yes, you can be a brand). You can’t see it, but you can definitely feel it. It literally give you all of the “feels” and emotions that are attached to your favorite companies. A brand is a MIND SHAPER. It’s just that powerful!
Everyone knows about the tension, for a lack of a better term, between Android users and Apple users. Do you know who started that feud? “Hint hint… BRANDING!” [Insert evil laugh]. Branding made you believe that one company was better than the other, when in reality, their products have very similar features, if not the same.
So YES! The joke is on YOU! Great branding has made you argue with your friends, and debate about these companies even though neither of them are paying you for promoting their products.

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Concepts you should understand before building a business

Starting a business can be a very exciting time. For some, it’s like buying a house and choosing all of the finishes, deciding what will be in each room, and going furniture shopping. Those are all of the aesthetics of home buying, but we tend to forget about the money that’s being put down, the


The key to understanding your audience

If you’ve caught yourself in a few Facebook groups or around a few branding gurus, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “audience avatar” or “ideal audience avatar”. It’s a very common term used to describe the type of person your business should appeal to or even the type of person you want your business to


My overall experience was amazing! From our first initial call, Cynthia was professional and we connected right away. I knew after 10 minutes of speaking with Cynthia that she and her company had the job of working on my website. Cynthia provided great communication between her and me. She answered all of my questions and provided feedback when asked in an efficient manner. I truly enjoyed working with Gyidi, I trusted Cynthia to help me make the best choices for my website. I had wonderful customer service and my deadline for my website launch was achieved. The service surpassed my expectations. Future clients would benefit from working with Gyidi because they listen and create what you want within your budget. They are very professional and provides excellent customer service.

Shevvy Mac

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