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The Hustle From Home Mom provides strategic planning and execution for small business owners and entrepreneurs organically through content creation, community engagement, trend sighting, editing, and creative copy. Business owners can simplify their workflow and streamline their businesses with HFHM social media management.  


When Mia contacted us, she was in desperate need of a complete rebrand. She was tired of the way things were and wanted a complete new look, strategy, and a brand new website that reflected the caliber of services that she provided. It was goal to be able to book more corporate brands in order to further her business. Mia also disclosed that she wanted an acronym for her logo.


We took a look at Mia’s assets at the time and noticed that her color scheme was a bit dull, and not very appealing, if she wanted to catch others’ attention. We also took note of her website. It was not very inviting or structured, and was a bit difficult to navigate. It didn’t tell us much about who she was and the beautiful personality that she shared on social media.

The Plan

Based on our observations and Mia’s needs, we decided to do a complete rebrand of her business, This rebrand would first start with a brand strategy session, then we would move over to designing a new brand identity that matched her personality. She also needed a new color palette and typography, as well as a complete redesign of her website. In addition, we planned to change up her pdfs, freebies, and opt-ins in order to reflect her new branding, along with some new social templates.

brand strategy session

new logo with variations (primary, secondary, mark)

new color palette + typographic system

brand patterns

customized brand icons

wordpress website design

social media templates

pdfs, opt-in, freebies overhaul

brand shoot direction/inspiration


Brand Strategy

Mia engaged in a group coaching session with her business besties, and we were able to narrow down her focus. Through strategy Mia understood that while her goal was to help mothers have the ability to build their careers from home, she also wanted to focus her efforts or garnering some corporate contracts. It was important to her that both areas were served. She also realized that “she” was her brand. The fact that she shared her family with her audience, and recorded videos in her car (for fewer distractions) was all about her telling the story of how she became a social media manager and how she maintains her life balance.

Brand Identity

Based on Mia’s strategy session, we desired to build brand assets that represented her life as well as her desires to also look professional. She expressed her desire to have an acronym logo, and we found a way to honor that request on her behalf. Due to that, the HFHM brand was born. We dropped the “the” because it was hard to place it in the design without affecting the totality of its look. “The” didn’t have much value, but the rest of her brand name did, and so we arranged it in a manner that wasn’t “orderly” in order to show the reality of the chaos that is involved in being a mother, let alone a business owner. It was important that we chose bold and bright colors to exude the energy that she brought to her brand, literally and figuratively. We also designed a few variations that showed the full name of the brand. We tilted the “h” in order to pay homage once again to the chaos. In addition we created some specialized icons to reflect social media. many of the icons were hashtag based while others were meant to represent the “likes” and “saves” that make social media fun. We then took those icons and made a signature pattern as well as an “acronym pattern” that would work well in corporate spaces. A coffee swirls pattern was also designed to symbolize Mia’s love for Starbucks.

Web Design

For the website, we wanted to translate the bold colors and use a clearer navigation to help prospects find exactly what they needed. We decided to add a bit more information in order to give prospects a clearer picture of what HFHM has to offer. We moved forward with a home page, and about page, a social media management page (services), a blog, case studies, and contact page. Mia also wanted an area for individuals who were interested in starting their own VA journey, which was dubbed the “VA Corner”.


In order to help Mia maintain a cohesive presence on social platforms, we created over 40 templates that she can reuse.


*Please note that the designs may have changed since its initial launch.

This is amazing! I’m literally in awe!

Mia C.

Project Credits

Web Hosting: GoDaddy
Page Builder: Elementor Pro
Stock Photos: Haute Stock

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