Outlet Technology Repair

brand identity + app design

the brief

Say hello to “Outlet: Technology Repair”. Personally, I don’t know anything about tech repair outside of rebooting a computer, haha. Due to this, I didn’t really have much information to go on. (This is why I have brand strategy workshops with clients — it gives me the inside scoop.)
Anyway, I wanted something simple with a little twist in order to show that this company will repair ANY tech that needs some help. The name came from the idea of an outlet giving technology its power. 
I went with different shades of blue to emphasize the feeling of trust and that corporate flair.

design direction

Trust, Professional, Bold

*Please note that this is a passion project, and not an actual brand…yet.

Logo Design



brand mark

I initially had a different idea that I wanted to try, but if you watch the design process video, you’ll see that the particular design I had in mind did not work. I went ahead to play around with the elements and created this. I knew I wanted to have some type of plug/cord incorporated in some way.




Additional Brand Assets

Project Credits

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD
Mockup Templates: LS Graphics

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