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With 25 years of experience, Pattie S. Christensen is a business and estate planning attorney that offers one-on-one service to clients who have been referred to her by the client’s professional advisors. Ms. Christensen works by referral only. Pattie is also an official Utah Remote Notary and notarization for Utah clients may take place via online meeting for those who are limited in their ability to travel.


Ms. Christensen wanted a complete upgrade to her website as it had been built on HTML. She wanted a new look with updated information. She also wanted to highlight her non-negotiables in a way that was aesthetically pleasing, and also had a desire for her clients to have the ability to download forms before their consultations so that they could properly prepare. She also had the desire to create a few videos explaining her process and wanted to have that available on her website.

The Plan

We decided to move the website to WordPress via the provided hosting, and used Elementor in order to allow Ms. Christensen to update her website easily. We needed a color palette that worked with the field she’s in and also needed a few stock photos to elevate the design.

In terms of the structure of the website, we had main pages based on the hierarchy she had on her original site, and also had subpages to further breakdown each service that she had.

multi-page website with subpages

informational videos

embedded pdfs


The original website was successfully moved form html to WordPress. We designed three main tiered pages (i.e. Home, Practice Areas, and Contact. We also added a “Book A Consultation” feature to the main menu. In addition we designed 3 subpages to represent each of the concentration areas Ms Christensen has. 

She was able to send us a few information videos that were used to explain her process and also simply things for her audience. In addition, she provided pdfs that were embedded to her website as well.


*Please note that the designs may have changed since its initial launch.

I just wanted to let you all know that I hired Cynthia to do a website for a client. She is so super professional and prompt! After months of my client getting jerked around by others, he now has a great website. I will for sure use her for any website needs I have in the future!

Pattie C.

Project Credits

Web Hosting: A2 Hosting
Page Builder: Elementor Pro
Stock Photos: Unsplash

next steps

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