Queensknow – Virtual Vision Board Party


Queensknow is a safe space for women to grow and connect. They do so through their online community, events, journal, podcast and quarterly meetups.


Keisha was in need of an event flyer for her virtual vision board party, which was scheduled to be broken down into two events, yet one experience. The first event had the objective of allowing her audience to review their past year, and use those details to then plan for the future. The second part of the event, on a separate day, was designed so that her audience could then spend time actually building the vision board along with making some declarations.

The Plan

Based on Keisha’s needs, we decided to move forward with our events package, in which we would design a signature flyer and accompany it with variations that allowed her to share the various details of each event as well as additional flyers that her speaker would also be able to utilize on their personal social outlets.

signature flyer design

variations to further explain each day/event

speaker variations

eventbrite header


We successfully designed two signature event flyers and accompanied them with 22 variations. We also designed a complimentary Eventbrite header.

I really love your work, communication and professionalism and I’m grateful to have been able to connect with you! An amazing experience!!

Keisha J.L.

Project Credits

Design Tool: Canva Pro

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