Day 95 | Dessert Shop | Pattern Design

To create this pattern, I sketched a few bakery/baking items that are typically seen or used. I used my sketches as a basis for my digital creations and then went ahead to add some color to bring them to life. Once completed, I arranged them and added star shaped “cookie cutters”. I hope you enjoy the vibrancy of this pattern.


We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be celebrating and revealing the 100th design on April 10th, 2022 at 6 PM CST, and would love to see you there! It will be premiered on our YouTube channel.

You will get to see our entire design process, as we explain how we get to the final design, and guess what? THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!! Please make sure that you RSVP to enter the raffle. We will be giving out a FREE Brand Strategy Workshop, and 50% off of our top tier services! Don’t miss out. RSVP TODAY!!!


Cynthia Akita

brand strategist | brand + web designer | author

Known to go against the grain, Cynthia Akita is a Brand Strategist as well as a Brand and Web Designer. She is the person you go to when you’re ready to find clarity in your business and acquire brand assets that stand out. She pushes the narrative that you can build a brand that reflects who you are even if you don’t desire to make yourself the face of that brand. With 10+ years in the branding and web design space, Cynthia has helped several entrepreneurs, business owners, and public figures bring their brands to the forefront of the internet and social media. Her designs and insight have helped her clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

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