Day 19 | TV Show | Logo Design

Once again, it’s time for a new logo. Today, we are deisgning for “Journey through Food”. Journey through Food is a blog that was picked up and turned into a TV show. In this show, the host travels all around the world to various countries to leanr about their staple ingredients and cultural cuisine. She then goes […]

Day 18 | Event Company | Business Cards

We are wrapping up Bliss’ brand assets with some busienss card designs. We do two sets of designs (front and back) just to give you an idea of the different ways this brand can introduce themselves to others. Business cards offer such a wide range when it comes to design, so you can hardly ever go wrong! […]

Day 17 | Event Company | Web Design

We are back with a home page web design for Bliss Event Co. We wanted to make this design very simple and straight to the point. Many times, visitors don’t move down yoru sales funnel because they are confused and bombarded with too much information at one time. This design allows them to click on […]

Day 16 | Event Company | Welcome Packet

I thought that it would be fun to design this welcome packet for clients of Bliss Event Co.  Do you use a welcome packet in your business? Welcome packets are filled with preliminary information to let you know how the company is run, what they offer, and sometimes what they expect from you.  It’s a […]

Day 15 | Event Company | Logo + Patterns

Who doesn’t love a wedding?!! We created a logo for Bliss Event Co., who handles the moments from “yes” to “I do” and every event in between. They literally handle each event so that you don’t have to worry about multiple contact persons, vendors, and the rest. They are a dream come true! I definitely spent a lot of […]

Day 14 | Hair Brand | Pop-up Design

To wrap up the Kinkerella design series, I wanted to create a pop-up design for a website. I have a love/hate relationship with pop-ups. They’re great, but sometimes they don’t give us enough time to decipher whether or not we want to subscribe because they appear right away. Give me a moment to see if […]

Day 13 | Hair Brand | Packaging Options

Who loves good packaging?? I know I do! I wanted to create different types of packaging options for Kinkerella. You’ll see the design of a shipping box because who doesn’t get excited when they order things online???? It’s like gifting yourself. I would be excited to see this box outside my door. The second packaging […]

Day 12 | Hair Brand | Product Design

I love a good hair product. I went ahead to design three different product suites for Kinkerella. Each suite represented a particular fruit. Yes, I got a little crazy, adding a watermelon and pomegranate, haha. I thought of pomegranates and how they’re good for your blood, and then somehow that turned into it being good […]

Day 11 | Hair Brand | Brand Patterns

Today, we focus on the brand patterns for Kinkerella. I really wanted to design around the afro and have a pattern that was a bit afrocentric and tribal. I went ahead to play around with the shapes of the triangle, circle, and square, and arranged them around the icon I created in order to give […]

Day 10 | Hair Brand | Logo Design

Happy Monday! Today we are showcasing a design we did for a hair product company, Kinkerella. Kinkerella is a product line that revitalizes and defines your natural curl pattern. It takes your curls from chaos to a shiny bounce.  The name Kinkerella came about from merging the words “kink” and “Cinderella”. As we all may know, Cinderella is a […]

Day 9 | Tech Company | App Design

Happy Sunday!!! As I went through my UI/UX specialization, I developed a love for app design. It’s definitely an outlet for me to play around with ideas and be creative.  So today, for the final design for “Outlet”, I wanted to create an app design with a minimal amount of screens. I wanted to create a process […]

Day 8 | Tech Company | Advertisement

Advertisement comes in many shapes and forms, but it’s the key to a thriving business. You can’t sell anything if no one knows that you exist. Today, we designed a standing banner (not sure if that’s what it’s really called, lol), but that’s what we did.  The focus was to make a very clean and straight-to-the-point design.  […]

Day 7 | Tech Company | Touchpoints

Today, we are 7 days in!! It’s been an entire week since we’ve started and we have a long way to go, but we’re enjoying the ride.  The designs include touchpoints of stationery and t-shirts.  With a tech company, I could only imagine lots of mail-in offers, business cards at the front desk, and some […]

Day 6 | Tech Company | Logo + Patterns

Today is National Technology Day, and so it made sense for the next design to be a tech company. Say hello to “Outlet:Technology Repair”. Personally, I don’t know anything about tech repair outside of rebooting a computer, haha. Due to this, I didn’t really have much information to go on. (This is why I have brand strategy workshops […]

Day 5 | Self Love Brand | Product Page

I hope you’re not sick of this brand yet! Today is the last day (I think) of our “I Love Me Box” design series. It’s day 5 and I figured we could crown this design series with a product page. We’ve created all fo the visual elements, and so it would be fun to see how the product would […]

Day 4 | Self Love Brand | Instagram Posts

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram post? Today, we design 6 instagram graphics to accompany the brand collateral that I’ve worked on over the past few days. We have a few designs to encourage the audience, and one to show the product. Creativity in Action! Watch it!

Day 3 | Self Love Brand | Product Design

As mentioned a few days ago, this brand includes a subscription box with products, so in today’s design, I am creating all of the beauty products that will go in this box as well as the box design. Take a look and I hope it reminds you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way that […]

Day 2 | Self Love Brand | Brand Patterns

Today, I am adding to the identity of the “I Love Me Box” by creating some brand patterns. I specifically created two patterns that can both be used with this brand. This brand gave me the feel of a movement of self love, and so I wanted a bit of a sorority feel, and so this is […]

Day 1 | Self Love Brand | Logo Creation

Everyone usually starts the year off with some type of weight loss goal or a goal that involves making changes to their physical body, myself included. I wanted to start off the challenge with a campaign to remind us all that we are beautiful just the way that we are. Weight loss is great if […]