Day 79 | Women’s Conference | Conference Badge

Badges can serve several purposes at a conference. It’s a great way to introduce yourself, without having to do much. It’s also a great way to get access into certain places and events without having to carry a physical or digital copy of a ticket. I designed two different badge designs, one for the VIP […]

Day 78 | Women’s Conference | Web Design

I honestly had so many different ideas for this web design page, but I wanted to get away from what I would typically do(using all of my design assets), and instead wanted to be very simple and straightforward. I didn’t want the glitz and glam of the glass shards to get in the way of the […]

Day 77 | Women’s Conference | Book Cover

Now, you all get a chance to see where the idea for the conference came from. This book cover is the catalyst for the entire conference. I had a couple of ideas for the cover which involved the author’s face being completely distorted in order to show the “brokenness”, but I went a bit lighter on the […]

Day 76 | Women’s Conference | Pattern

To create this pattern, I took the shards present in the logo, and rearranged them over and over in order to create a pattern that was diverse enough to be repeated. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 75 | Women’s Conference | Submark

Submarks are a great way to identify your brand in small spaces. To create this submark, I took a portion of the “B” in Break and fit that into a circle. I went ahead to create some negative space between the shards of “glass”. I created a multi-colored version to fit with the logo, as well as a one-color […]

Day 74 | Women’s Conference | Logo Design

We are continuing this month with designs made specifically for women, in order to honor Women’s History Month. I really thought it was important to highlight the fact that branding is not just for businesses as a whole. Branding is for campaigns, causes, experiences, and much more! This particular logo is for the “Break Conference”, which is […]

Day 71 | Coworking Space | Brochure Design

This design was a lot of fun. I do love using Adobe Suite for designs, but I also love to use Canva as well. Although I may not be able to do everything that I would like, I improvise with the elements that they have available(loads and loads), and you can too! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! […]

Day 70 | Coworking Space | Secondary Logo

Today, I created a secondary logo because I knew I’d possibly need it for the upcoming designs. I rearranged the logo so that it would fit better in a horizontal space. Take a look! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 69 | Coworking Space | Pattern Design

I wanted to play off of the logo and use it to create the pattern, so I wanted to create an accompanying diamond design that I could add. I went ahead to create two patterns for this brand. Which pattern do you like best? In creating, I forgot to hit record, so I did miss […]

Day 68 | Coworking Space | Logo Design

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and the month of March is dedicated to women as well, so I wanted to create a few brands centered around women and how amazing we are. Today, I introduce you to “Wmn Wrx”, or Women Worx, which is a coworking space dedicated to female entrepreneurs. In this space, women get to […]

Day 67 | Food Company | Web Design

The Chop Waa brand wouldn’t be complete without a web design mock-up. Take a look at what we created! It was important to use that we highlight the various products we created, while reminding folks that they can also make authentic Ghanaian food on their own as well.  I hope you enjoyed this design series […]

Day 66 | Food Company | Social Media Graphics

Today, we are designing some social media graphics to advertise the products that were designed over that last few days.  Have a great day!!! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 65 | Food Company | Sauce Product Design

Happy Independence Day to Ghana!!!  Today’s our final day of product design! A very big Ghanaian staple is shito. Shito is a hot sauce that we add to a lot of our rice products, on the side. It’s made with lots of dried fish, meats, and peppers. Everyone makes theirs differently, but it tastes AMAZING, […]

Day 64 | Food Company | Spices & Stock Product Design

Flavor is EVERYTHING, in Ghanaian cooking. I mean, who wants to eat flavorless food? No one. We love to use various spices and homemade stock for our stews, soups, and everything in between. While the stocks we use are not bottled, typically, I wanted to create a modernized version.  Say hello to some spices and […]

Day 63 | Food Company | Canned Product Design

Vegetables are such a great foundation for our cooking and so typically, you’ll see us use loads of tomato paste and purées, and in addition, we blend some of our own vegetables to add into our stews and sauces.  Say hello to our canned tomatoes and vegetables.   CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 62 | Food Company | Rice & Flour Product Design

The real fun begins today! During this particular brand series, we’ll have about four different product design days. Each day will show the design of something that’s vital in Ghanaian cooking with a modern twist.  Today we designed some seasoned rice mixes, like what you normally see in the store, but with our own cultural […]

Day 61 | Food Company | Pattern

I initially didn’t plan on creating a pattern for this brand, but then I decided to go ahead and brainstorm what the pattern should look like. If you think back to yesterday’s design, in the crest, there’s a pot, which was added to highlight our authentic food. I decided to create an extension of that […]

Day 60 | Food Company | Logo Design

Welcome to March!!! Every March, I get excited because I know that Independence Day is around the corner. By that, I mean GHANA’S Independence Day. My parents are both from Ghana, West Africa, and although they moved to the U.S., they raised me on such a beautiful culture and surrounded me with it as well. […]