Day 59 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Social Media Graphics

To crown this brand, I created a few social media graphics. Today, I used Adobe XD instead of Canva, so that I could create some shadows underneath the product. Thanks for watching me develop this brand. Sobriety is an amazing thing! For those who are on the journey, keep it up! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH […]

Day 58 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Web Design

Today, the I focused on the website design for hangNOver. I designed the home page in order to raise awareness for the brand and also give inquirers the ability to get more info on distribution. I focused solely on the home page. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 57 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Product Design

Building upon the icons that were used in yesterday’s pattern, I went ahead to create a product line that directly portrayed the benefits of sobriety. I searched a few mocktini and mocktail recipes in order to influence the design, and went from there. I hope you enjoy the products, explained below: Brain Power: Say “goodbye” to foggy […]

Day 56 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Patten

This pattern is honestly very different, compared to the other patterns I have created during this challenge. I wanted to create somethign that was sleek and elevated, while giving it great meaning. I used different shades of gray, because I wanted to to a have a “black” look without actually being black. In this sense, the dark […]

Day 55 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Logo Design

National Margarita Day was a few days ago! So to commemorate the day, I wanted to create a brand for those who do not drink alcohol, so that they have an “imaginative” way to celebrate with others. I actually wanted to celebrate sobriety by giving sober individuals a cool posh brand that celebrates their journey. So let […]

Day 54 | Pet Company | T-Shirt

I really enjoyed the fun phrase, “Keeping it Poochy”, and decided to make that one of the uniforms for the facility. What do you think? CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 53 | Pet Company | Social Media Graphics

I haven’t created social graphics in this challenge for some time, and so I thought it would be fun to bring these high-energy colors and translate them into graphics that speak well of the brand. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 52 | Pet Company | Brand Mark + Pattern

In today’s design, you will see a cartoonized version of a dog that was sketched from a photo. I then used that design to create an even more chaotic pattern. I had my toddler on my lap as I was designing this and so I couldn’t really take time to arrange things in the way […]

Day 51 | Pet Company | Logo Design

It’s Love Your Pet Day! Today, we are bringing you a service-based brand for pets. Welcome to Pooch Playhouse. This brand is a fun facility where you can bring your pet, with no restrictions. Most residential areas require you to have your pet on a leash at all times for the safety of others around. […]

Day 50 | Dating App | App Design

Can you believe that we’ve made it to 50 days?!!!! We are HALFWAY through our journey! Have you enjoyed it thus far? Let us know! Our app design is complete — at least with the screens we decided to create. As an entrepreneur, would you be interested in joining this app and finding love? Or […]

Day 49 | Dating App | Speed Dating Interface

I felt that it would be really cool if the app, “EnLove”, hosted Speed Dating events in order to further their agenda of getting entrepreneurs together to find love. I created this interface that allows users to speed date virtually, while also allowing them to take notes about the people they meet and much more. I really […]

Day 48 | Dating App | App Icon

Today, we are designing the icon for the app. We wanted to express love and business in icon form, so we turned the heart into a briefcase. How did we do? I knwo typically app icons are have a lot more simplicity, but I really wanted to see the design through. Maybe some time down […]

Day 47 | Dating App | Logotype

It’s still FEBRUARY, aka the month of love! We’re excited to present to you a new brand that was created to match entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs to make business magic! They say never mix business with pleasure, but this brand is breaking that stereotype, haha. We decided to name this brand “EnLove”, which blends the words entrepreneur, […]

Day 46 | Candle Company | Storefront Sign

We’re taking it to the store!!!! This candle brand has definitely got me thinking about the saga that involves Bath and Body Works and the various reactions to their Black History Month campaign.  I wanted to create a storefront because I can honestly see this brand thriving in such a setting. Customers running in to […]

Day 45 | Candle Company | E-commerce Shop

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!  Today is the day of love and I hope that today’s design inspires you to get up and buy something sweet fo ryour loved ones. The design is simply a home page that highlights the fragrances that are available for purchase at Fragrant Confections. I wanted to show a variety of colors […]

Day 44 | Candle Company | Product Design

We chose come desserts and played around with the product design for Fragrant Confections. What do you think? Yes, we think donuts are a dessert, simply because they are nice and sweet. What dessert scents would you want to add to the lineup? Comment down below! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 43 | Candle Company | Pattern

We really love the logomark we creates for the brand and decided to use it to create the pattern. We wanted to create color variations of the mark, and then rearrange them in order to create the pattern you see below. Colorful and vibrant is our motto when it comes to this brand.  Did we […]

Day 42 | Candle Company | Logo + Logomark

Today, we are sharing a new brand with you, Fragrant Confections. I absolutely love deserts, and I thought it would be a cool idea to have desserts that could be turned into fragrant candles. I know there’s a new trend on the rise of candles that are whipped and made to look like your favorite […]

Day 41 | Gift Box | Order Customizations

Let’s put this idea in action! Today, I created what the customization process would be for someone who wanted to purchase a gift for their loved one through “Just Because”. I focused on creating the screen where they choose their gift box. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 40 | Gift Box | Card Designs

Since we’re in the Valentine’s season, I thought it would be cool if this brand had its own greeting cards that customers could choose from to add to their gifts. With that in mind, I created three greeting card designs for the brand. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!