Day 50 | Dating App | App Design

Can you believe that we’ve made it to 50 days?!!!! We are HALFWAY through our journey! Have you enjoyed it thus far? Let us know!

Our app design is complete — at least with the screens we decided to create. As an entrepreneur, would you be interested in joining this app and finding love? Or are you adamant about not mixing business with pleasure? Haha!

You actually have the opportunity to play with our prototype. The key is to tap on the screen and the interactive points will light up so that you can click on them. Visit the link below to check it out!


Cynthia Akita

brand strategist | brand + web designer | author

Known to go against the grain, Cynthia Akita is a Brand Strategist as well as a Brand and Web Designer. She is the person you go to when you’re ready to find clarity in your business and acquire brand assets that stand out. She pushes the narrative that you can build a brand that reflects who you are even if you don’t desire to make yourself the face of that brand. With 10+ years in the branding and web design space, Cynthia has helped several entrepreneurs, business owners, and public figures bring their brands to the forefront of the internet and social media. Her designs and insight have helped her clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

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