Day 57 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Product Design

Building upon the icons that were used in yesterday’s pattern, I went ahead to create a product line that directly portrayed the benefits of sobriety. I searched a few mocktini and mocktail recipes in order to influence the design, and went from there.

I hope you enjoy the products, explained below:

Brain Power: Say “goodbye” to foggy memory and “hello” to clear thinking. You will now be able to make better decisions that are not influenced by the desire for your next high.

Fire Me Up: You’ve got the power, and the ENERGY! Substances can cause a rewiring in your brain that affects your mood, which then affects your energy. Without that, your energy can be boosted immensely.

Repair & Release: A benefit of sobriety is that you will now have the opportunity, time, and intention to regain trust, rebuild relationships, and/or release yourself from those who decide that they want a different path.

Sweet Dreams: Sleep is a vital body function, and without it, your body fails to perform at its optimal level. With sobriety, you get your sleep back!

Finding Me: Self discovery for 100, please. You now have a new chance at life, and a brand new perspective that is no longer clouded. You have a new opportunity to find new things about yourself and the things around you.

Got Heart?: Sobriety allows you to improve your overall health. Toxic substances decrease your immunity and increase yoru chances for illness. With a detox, your immune system receives a boost, and thus improves your overall health. Let’s keep that heart pumping!

Healthy Pockets: Now that you are no longer spending your very last penny on that instant satisfaction, you can properly plan out the use of your funds towards more beneficial goals and plans.Sing with me, “Money, Money, Money, Money…MONEY!”

Looking Good: Because your focus has now been shifted, you will have more time to focus on your personal appearance and hygiene. Also, the absence of toxic chemicals, will start to show physically.

Shoutout to Silver Linings Recovery Center, for their article on the benefits on Sobriety. View their article here:

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts down below!


Cynthia Akita

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