Day 95 | Dessert Shop | Pattern Design

To create this pattern, I sketched a few bakery/baking items that are typically seen or used. I used my sketches as a basis for my digital creations and then went ahead to add some color to bring them to life. Once completed, I arranged them and added star shaped “cookie cutters”. I hope you enjoy the vibrancy of […]

Day 94 | Dessert Shop | Logo Design

Say hello to the second to last brand series of this challenge! I can’t believe we’re a few days away from the end, and our 100th design premiere, which will happen on Sunday April 10th! Sweets by Sandy is a dessert shop that fulfills all of your “sweet-tooth” desires. The brand exudes happiness, and enjoyment. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We […]

Day 90 | Drip Therapy | Pattern Design

I had several ideas for the pattern, so I decided to go with the idea where I had the benefits of drip therapy listed in between “rain drops”. I thought this would be beneficial for marketing materials, where prospects wouldn’t necessarily have to read an entire pamphlet in order to understand what drip therapy is about. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! […]

Day 89 | Drip Therapy | Secondary Logo

Logo variations are always great! I created a secondary logo to fit in more narrow spaces. I wanted to make it circular so that the typography would fit nicely around the logomark that was created a few days back. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we […]

Day 88 | Drip Therapy | Logotype

Today, I focused on the logotype for the brand. I found a beautiful cursive font that was thick enough to be seen even when minimized. I edited the type slightly to make the top tip of the “R” point like a needle. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, […]

Day 87 | Drip Therapy | Logomark

Say hello to Radiance Infusions, a drip therapy brand that focuses on enhancing your wellness. Over the weekend, I watched a new reality show on Netflix, called “Young, Famous & African”, and in the series, one of the characters crowned a bachelorette party by providing drip therapy. I thought it would be fun to create a brand […]

Day 84 | Juice Brand | Secondary Logo

In order to supplement the primary logo, this design was created to fit in a more narrow space and can even double-up as a favicon.  I took the image of the “o” drink and put some text around it a circular manner and also included the tagline.  ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 […]

Day 83 | Juice Brand | Logo Design

Today, I introduce you to Mommy Juice. Mommy juice is a brand dedicated to reminding moms that they need to take care of themselves first before they take care of others. Mothers often wear many hats and have the pressures of having the world on their shoulders. Their children expect them to fully deliver on […]

Day 78 | Women’s Conference | Web Design

I honestly had so many different ideas for this web design page, but I wanted to get away from what I would typically do(using all of my design assets), and instead wanted to be very simple and straightforward. I didn’t want the glitz and glam of the glass shards to get in the way of the […]

Day 76 | Women’s Conference | Pattern

To create this pattern, I took the shards present in the logo, and rearranged them over and over in order to create a pattern that was diverse enough to be repeated. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 75 | Women’s Conference | Submark

Submarks are a great way to identify your brand in small spaces. To create this submark, I took a portion of the “B” in Break and fit that into a circle. I went ahead to create some negative space between the shards of “glass”. I created a multi-colored version to fit with the logo, as well as a one-color […]

Day 74 | Women’s Conference | Logo Design

We are continuing this month with designs made specifically for women, in order to honor Women’s History Month. I really thought it was important to highlight the fact that branding is not just for businesses as a whole. Branding is for campaigns, causes, experiences, and much more! This particular logo is for the “Break Conference”, which is […]

Day 70 | Coworking Space | Secondary Logo

Today, I created a secondary logo because I knew I’d possibly need it for the upcoming designs. I rearranged the logo so that it would fit better in a horizontal space. Take a look! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 68 | Coworking Space | Logo Design

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and the month of March is dedicated to women as well, so I wanted to create a few brands centered around women and how amazing we are. Today, I introduce you to “Wmn Wrx”, or Women Worx, which is a coworking space dedicated to female entrepreneurs. In this space, women get to […]

Day 61 | Food Company | Pattern

I initially didn’t plan on creating a pattern for this brand, but then I decided to go ahead and brainstorm what the pattern should look like. If you think back to yesterday’s design, in the crest, there’s a pot, which was added to highlight our authentic food. I decided to create an extension of that […]

Day 60 | Food Company | Logo Design

Welcome to March!!! Every March, I get excited because I know that Independence Day is around the corner. By that, I mean GHANA’S Independence Day. My parents are both from Ghana, West Africa, and although they moved to the U.S., they raised me on such a beautiful culture and surrounded me with it as well. […]

Day 55 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Logo Design

National Margarita Day was a few days ago! So to commemorate the day, I wanted to create a brand for those who do not drink alcohol, so that they have an “imaginative” way to celebrate with others. I actually wanted to celebrate sobriety by giving sober individuals a cool posh brand that celebrates their journey. So let […]

Day 52 | Pet Company | Brand Mark + Pattern

In today’s design, you will see a cartoonized version of a dog that was sketched from a photo. I then used that design to create an even more chaotic pattern. I had my toddler on my lap as I was designing this and so I couldn’t really take time to arrange things in the way […]

Day 51 | Pet Company | Logo Design

It’s Love Your Pet Day! Today, we are bringing you a service-based brand for pets. Welcome to Pooch Playhouse. This brand is a fun facility where you can bring your pet, with no restrictions. Most residential areas require you to have your pet on a leash at all times for the safety of others around. […]

Day 44 | Candle Company | Product Design

We chose come desserts and played around with the product design for Fragrant Confections. What do you think? Yes, we think donuts are a dessert, simply because they are nice and sweet. What dessert scents would you want to add to the lineup? Comment down below! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!