Day 13 | Hair Brand | Packaging Options

Who loves good packaging?? I know I do! I wanted to create different types of packaging options for Kinkerella. You’ll see the design of a shipping box because who doesn’t get excited when they order things online???? It’s like gifting yourself. I would be excited to see this box outside my door. The second packaging […]

Day 12 | Hair Brand | Product Design

I love a good hair product. I went ahead to design three different product suites for Kinkerella. Each suite represented a particular fruit. Yes, I got a little crazy, adding a watermelon and pomegranate, haha. I thought of pomegranates and how they’re good for your blood, and then somehow that turned into it being good […]

Day 3 | Self Love Brand | Product Design

As mentioned a few days ago, this brand includes a subscription box with products, so in today’s design, I am creating all of the beauty products that will go in this box as well as the box design. Take a look and I hope it reminds you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way that […]