Day 98 | Dessert Shop | Chocolate Bar

Today, we designed two chocolate bar flavors created by Sweets with Sandy. Does it make you want to grab a treat? ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be celebrating and revealing the 100th design on April 10th, 2022 […]

Day 97 | Dessert Shop | Cake Mix & Frosting

Do you enjoy baking? I thought it would be cool for this brand to have their own cake mix and frosting in order to allow their customers to have a taste of the store in their homes. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing […]

Day 85 | Juice Brand | Drink Mockup

With these designs, I really wanted to create something that was unappealing because children just happen to always find anything their mom is eating as a temptation. We literally cannot enjoy anything without having to share, haha. So I wanted to make it displeasing to the children, but then I figured that I should focus […]

Day 65 | Food Company | Sauce Product Design

Happy Independence Day to Ghana!!!  Today’s our final day of product design! A very big Ghanaian staple is shito. Shito is a hot sauce that we add to a lot of our rice products, on the side. It’s made with lots of dried fish, meats, and peppers. Everyone makes theirs differently, but it tastes AMAZING, […]

Day 64 | Food Company | Spices & Stock Product Design

Flavor is EVERYTHING, in Ghanaian cooking. I mean, who wants to eat flavorless food? No one. We love to use various spices and homemade stock for our stews, soups, and everything in between. While the stocks we use are not bottled, typically, I wanted to create a modernized version.  Say hello to some spices and […]

Day 63 | Food Company | Canned Product Design

Vegetables are such a great foundation for our cooking and so typically, you’ll see us use loads of tomato paste and purées, and in addition, we blend some of our own vegetables to add into our stews and sauces.  Say hello to our canned tomatoes and vegetables.   CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 62 | Food Company | Rice & Flour Product Design

The real fun begins today! During this particular brand series, we’ll have about four different product design days. Each day will show the design of something that’s vital in Ghanaian cooking with a modern twist.  Today we designed some seasoned rice mixes, like what you normally see in the store, but with our own cultural […]

Day 57 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Product Design

Building upon the icons that were used in yesterday’s pattern, I went ahead to create a product line that directly portrayed the benefits of sobriety. I searched a few mocktini and mocktail recipes in order to influence the design, and went from there. I hope you enjoy the products, explained below: Brain Power: Say “goodbye” to foggy […]

Day 44 | Candle Company | Product Design

We chose come desserts and played around with the product design for Fragrant Confections. What do you think? Yes, we think donuts are a dessert, simply because they are nice and sweet. What dessert scents would you want to add to the lineup? Comment down below! CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 40 | Gift Box | Card Designs

Since we’re in the Valentine’s season, I thought it would be cool if this brand had its own greeting cards that customers could choose from to add to their gifts. With that in mind, I created three greeting card designs for the brand. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 36 | Artisan Chocolate | Product Suite

It’s time for a product suite. This brand specializes in various types of chocolates that are infused with a variety of flavors, so you’ll see that in various forms of cocoa powder. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 28 | Snack Brand | Product Design

Today, we are finally designing the snack flavors and packaging. You’ll see our six top flavors, inspired by the things that drive us crazy about the workplace: Meetings that should’ve been an email  “Zoom”in me crazy Who stole my lunch?! (Breakroom Bandit) Per my last email… Don’t CC me… please  It’s only been an hour?! Which flavors […]

Day 13 | Hair Brand | Packaging Options

Who loves good packaging?? I know I do! I wanted to create different types of packaging options for Kinkerella. You’ll see the design of a shipping box because who doesn’t get excited when they order things online???? It’s like gifting yourself. I would be excited to see this box outside my door. The second packaging […]

Day 12 | Hair Brand | Product Design

I love a good hair product. I went ahead to design three different product suites for Kinkerella. Each suite represented a particular fruit. Yes, I got a little crazy, adding a watermelon and pomegranate, haha. I thought of pomegranates and how they’re good for your blood, and then somehow that turned into it being good […]

Day 3 | Self Love Brand | Product Design

As mentioned a few days ago, this brand includes a subscription box with products, so in today’s design, I am creating all of the beauty products that will go in this box as well as the box design. Take a look and I hope it reminds you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way that […]