Day 15 | Event Company | Logo + Patterns

Who doesn’t love a wedding?!! We created a logo for Bliss Event Co., who handles the moments from “yes” to “I do” and every event in between. They literally handle each event so that you don’t have to worry about multiple contact persons, vendors, and the rest. They are a dream come true! I definitely spent a lot of […]

Day 11 | Hair Brand | Brand Patterns

Today, we focus on the brand patterns for Kinkerella. I really wanted to design around the afro and have a pattern that was a bit afrocentric and tribal. I went ahead to play around with the shapes of the triangle, circle, and square, and arranged them around the icon I created in order to give […]

Day 2 | Self Love Brand | Brand Patterns

Today, I am adding to the identity of the “I Love Me Box” by creating some brand patterns. I specifically created two patterns that can both be used with this brand. This brand gave me the feel of a movement of self love, and so I wanted a bit of a sorority feel, and so this is […]