Day 25 | Snack Brand | Logo Design

We’re continuing the week by showing you all how we developed the “Monday Munchies” brand. Today, we’re creating the logo. Yesterday, we tackled the brand character, and today, we are building on that to create the logo. With this brand, I wanted to create a fun and bubbly type AND create a character that expressed what everyone […]

Day 24 | Snack Brand | Brand Character

IT’S MONDAY!!!! So many people dread Mondays! Personally, I don’t mind Mondays. It gives me a chance to hit the ground running, but I understand that a busy weekend makes you want to rest instead of work.  With that in mind, I wanted to create a fun food brand that celebrates all the things most […]

Day 23 | Personal Brand | Logo Design

Simplicity goes a very long way.  Today, I wanted to show a design that I would do for a personal brand. I’m not yet sure what kind of brand this would be, but I decided to create two versions of the same logo. One that simply showcases the beauty of the letterforms, and another where […]

Day 19 | TV Show | Logo Design

Once again, it’s time for a new logo. Today, we are deisgning for “Journey through Food”. Journey through Food is a blog that was picked up and turned into a TV show. In this show, the host travels all around the world to various countries to leanr about their staple ingredients and cultural cuisine. She then goes […]

Day 15 | Event Company | Logo + Patterns

Who doesn’t love a wedding?!! We created a logo for Bliss Event Co., who handles the moments from “yes” to “I do” and every event in between. They literally handle each event so that you don’t have to worry about multiple contact persons, vendors, and the rest. They are a dream come true! I definitely spent a lot of […]

Day 10 | Hair Brand | Logo Design

Happy Monday! Today we are showcasing a design we did for a hair product company, Kinkerella. Kinkerella is a product line that revitalizes and defines your natural curl pattern. It takes your curls from chaos to a shiny bounce.  The name Kinkerella came about from merging the words “kink” and “Cinderella”. As we all may know, Cinderella is a […]

Day 6 | Tech Company | Logo + Patterns

Today is National Technology Day, and so it made sense for the next design to be a tech company. Say hello to “Outlet:Technology Repair”. Personally, I don’t know anything about tech repair outside of rebooting a computer, haha. Due to this, I didn’t really have much information to go on. (This is why I have brand strategy workshops […]