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Shevvy Mac is the NeuorLeader and NeuorWellness coach for ambitious leaders who are nearing their breaking point and want to realign with their values and rediscover their joy.

She has over twenty years of military experience and has led teams through the most challenging circumstances imaginable—including life or death deployment environments— helping them to overcome challenges, become mentally resilient, and reach new levels of performance.

Shevvy helps leaders creates the equilibrium needed in their life and business. She guides leaders to not only look like the leader but be the leader who loves what they do.

Shevvy’s work draws on neurobased coaching, which focuses on neuroscience, and emotional intelligence; She helps leaders understand their brains and create new mental maps so they can get out of their heads and lead with clarity and ease.

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Project Goals

the brief

Shevvy’s main goal was to highlight what she. oddly do for her prospects. She wanted to increase enrollment in her fitness challenge was coming up during that time. She had a lot of information to share and wanted a canvas in which she would be able to do so.

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Client Testimonial


Shevvy M.

My overall experience was amazing! From our first initial call, Cynthia was professional and we connected right away. I knew after 10 minutes of speaking with Cynthia that her and her company had the job of working on my website. Cynthia provided great communication between her and I. She answered all of my questions and provided feedback when asked in an efficient manner. I truly enjoyed working with Gyidi, I trusted Cynthia to help me make the best choices for my website. I had wonderful customer service and my deadline for my website launch was achieved. The service surpassed my expectations. Future clients would benefit from working with Gyidi because they listen and create what you want within your budget. They are very professionally and provides excellent customer service.

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