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In 2021 we challenged ourselves and committed to designing something new every single day for the first 100 days of the year. Check it out!

100 Days of Design

Day 86 | Juice Brand | Web Design

This web design not only focuses on the products that are being sold, but more on the brand culture of reminding moms that they matter too, and their needs are vital. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be


Day 85 | Juice Brand | Drink Mockup

With these designs, I really wanted to create something that was unappealing because children just happen to always find anything their mom is eating as a temptation. We literally cannot enjoy anything without having to share, haha. So I wanted to make it displeasing to the children, but then I figured that I should focus


Day 82 | Women’s Conference | App Design

I thought that it would be really cool if participants had more control over the events or sessions they wanted to attend at this conference. So, I decided to create an app that is exclusive to the conference, which allows them to view all relevant information. They are only allowed access once they purchase a

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100th Design Premiere

The 100th Design Premiere is an experience in which I show you how I design a logo from scratch as well as determine a color palette, and much more. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of my process, you definitely want to watch this video.

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