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In 2021 we challenged ourselves and committed to designing something new every single day for the first 100 days of the year. Check it out!

100 Days of Design

Day 4 | Self Love Brand | Instagram Posts

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram post? Today, we design 6 instagram graphics to accompany the brand collateral that I’ve worked on over the past few days. We have a few designs to encourage the audience, and one to show the product. Creativity in Action! Watch it!


Day 3 | Self Love Brand | Product Design

As mentioned a few days ago, this brand includes a subscription box with products, so in today’s design, I am creating all of the beauty products that will go in this box as well as the box design. Take a look and I hope it reminds you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way that


Day 2 | Self Love Brand | Brand Patterns

Today, I am adding to the identity of the “I Love Me Box” by creating some brand patterns. I specifically created two patterns that can both be used with this brand. This brand gave me the feel of a movement of self love, and so I wanted a bit of a sorority feel, and so this is


Day 1 | Self Love Brand | Logo Creation

Everyone usually starts the year off with some type of weight loss goal or a goal that involves making changes to their physical body, myself included. I wanted to start off the challenge with a campaign to remind us all that we are beautiful just the way that we are. Weight loss is great if

Check this out!

Watch our
100th Design Premiere

The 100th Design Premiere is an experience in which I show you how I design a logo from scratch as well as determine a color palette, and much more. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of my process, you definitely want to watch this video.

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