Day 17 | Event Company | Web Design

We are back with a home page web design for Bliss Event Co. We wanted to make this design very simple and straight to the point. Many times, visitors don’t move down yoru sales funnel because they are confused and bombarded with too much information at one time. This design allows them to click on […]

Day 14 | Hair Brand | Pop-up Design

To wrap up the Kinkerella design series, I wanted to create a pop-up design for a website. I have a love/hate relationship with pop-ups. They’re great, but sometimes they don’t give us enough time to decipher whether or not we want to subscribe because they appear right away. Give me a moment to see if […]

Day 5 | Self Love Brand | Product Page

I hope you’re not sick of this brand yet! Today is the last day (I think) of our “I Love Me Box” design series. It’s day 5 and I figured we could crown this design series with a product page. We’ve created all fo the visual elements, and so it would be fun to see how the product would […]