Day 93 | Drip Therapy | Web Design

Here, I created web design for Radiance Infusions. I wanted to create something that had the same aesthetic as the brochure and business card. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be celebrating and revealing the 100th design on […]

Day 86 | Juice Brand | Web Design

This web design not only focuses on the products that are being sold, but more on the brand culture of reminding moms that they matter too, and their needs are vital. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We are getting towards the end of this 100 day challenge, and to celebrate, we are throwing a virtual party!!!! We will be […]

Day 78 | Women’s Conference | Web Design

I honestly had so many different ideas for this web design page, but I wanted to get away from what I would typically do(using all of my design assets), and instead wanted to be very simple and straightforward. I didn’t want the glitz and glam of the glass shards to get in the way of the […]

Day 67 | Food Company | Web Design

The Chop Waa brand wouldn’t be complete without a web design mock-up. Take a look at what we created! It was important to use that we highlight the various products we created, while reminding folks that they can also make authentic Ghanaian food on their own as well.  I hope you enjoyed this design series […]

Day 58 | Non-Alcoholic Drink | Web Design

Today, the I focused on the website design for hangNOver. I designed the home page in order to raise awareness for the brand and also give inquirers the ability to get more info on distribution. I focused solely on the home page. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 45 | Candle Company | E-commerce Shop

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!  Today is the day of love and I hope that today’s design inspires you to get up and buy something sweet fo ryour loved ones. The design is simply a home page that highlights the fragrances that are available for purchase at Fragrant Confections. I wanted to show a variety of colors […]

Day 41 | Gift Box | Order Customizations

Let’s put this idea in action! Today, I created what the customization process would be for someone who wanted to purchase a gift for their loved one through “Just Because”. I focused on creating the screen where they choose their gift box. CREATIVITY IN ACTION! WATCH IT!

Day 37 | Artisan Chocolate | Product Page

We have worked on a few  product pages during this challenge, however, we wanted to do something different with this one. We wanted to display some of the ingredients that would be found in this product and give it a bit of a minimal, yet classic feel. Would you want to buy from Infyoose? CREATIVITY […]

Day 31 | Snack Brand | Web Design

We definitely had to create a web design for this brand. What I love most about this brand is how colorful and relatable it is to many of us who are in the workplace or have had experience in the workplace. While today is the last day for Monday Munchies, it has been a great […]

Day 30 | Snack Brand | Wireframe

Here at Gyidi, before we start a web design project, we create some wireframes. Wireframes are the most plain version of a draft that you can create. It’s made to really help you visualize how information should be arranged. You really want to think deeply about the customer’s journey during this process. As I created, […]

Day 21 | TV Show | Web Design Recipe

I didn’t want to end with just the home page. I felt that it was important to see what other components of a website for this brand would potentially look like, so I created the recipe page. Here’ you can see an excerpt about the food as well as all of the ingredients involved in […]

Day 20 | TV Show | Web Design Home

Today, I wanted to create the home page of the blog turned TV show. I think a blog is a great way to build a following and show your audience a bit more of your personality. In this design, you will see some recipe options at the top and an invitation further down for the […]

Day 17 | Event Company | Web Design

We are back with a home page web design for Bliss Event Co. We wanted to make this design very simple and straight to the point. Many times, visitors don’t move down yoru sales funnel because they are confused and bombarded with too much information at one time. This design allows them to click on […]

Day 14 | Hair Brand | Pop-up Design

To wrap up the Kinkerella design series, I wanted to create a pop-up design for a website. I have a love/hate relationship with pop-ups. They’re great, but sometimes they don’t give us enough time to decipher whether or not we want to subscribe because they appear right away. Give me a moment to see if […]

Day 5 | Self Love Brand | Product Page

I hope you’re not sick of this brand yet! Today is the last day (I think) of our “I Love Me Box” design series. It’s day 5 and I figured we could crown this design series with a product page. We’ve created all fo the visual elements, and so it would be fun to see how the product would […]