Day 16 | Event Company | Welcome Packet

I thought that it would be fun to design this welcome packet for clients of Bliss Event Co.  Do you use a welcome packet in your business? Welcome packets are filled with preliminary information to let you know how the company is run, what they offer, and sometimes what they expect from you.  It’s a […]

Day 13 | Hair Brand | Packaging Options

Who loves good packaging?? I know I do! I wanted to create different types of packaging options for Kinkerella. You’ll see the design of a shipping box because who doesn’t get excited when they order things online???? It’s like gifting yourself. I would be excited to see this box outside my door. The second packaging […]

Day 12 | Hair Brand | Product Design

I love a good hair product. I went ahead to design three different product suites for Kinkerella. Each suite represented a particular fruit. Yes, I got a little crazy, adding a watermelon and pomegranate, haha. I thought of pomegranates and how they’re good for your blood, and then somehow that turned into it being good […]

Day 7 | Tech Company | Touchpoints

Today, we are 7 days in!! It’s been an entire week since we’ve started and we have a long way to go, but we’re enjoying the ride.  The designs include touchpoints of stationery and t-shirts.  With a tech company, I could only imagine lots of mail-in offers, business cards at the front desk, and some […]