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Spencer Haywood turned pro after his sophomore season at the University of Detroit, joining the American Basketball Association’s (ABA) Denver Rockets and leading the league in scoring (30.0 per game) and rebounding (19.5 per game) in 1969-70 before jumping to the NBA the following season. Seattle SuperSonics owner Sam Schulman signed Haywood to a six-year, $1.5 million contract, ignoring the rule that a player cannot join the league until he is four years out of high school. As a result, the NBA threatened to disallow the contract and implement various sanctions against the SuperSonics.
Haywood challenged this decision by commencing an antitrust action against the NBA. As part of his claim against the NBA, Haywood argued that the conduct of the NBA was a “group boycott” and a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The central issue that had to be determined was whether the NBA draft policy was a restraint on trade and therefore was illegal in accordance with the Sherman Act.
The NBA appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which stayed the injunction. Joined by the SuperSonics, Haywood appealed to the Supreme Court, which upheld the District Court, reinstated that court’s injunction against the NBA, and remanded the case to the District Court for further proceedings.
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Spencer Haywood was interested in having a home where his audience would be able to learn a bit about him and his new book, but mores to find out information about his non-profit. He wanted his audience to have a place to understand the impact that his foundation was making.

He also wanted the website to be simple and straightforward because he knew his audience would be technically challenged.

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Pattie C.

I just wanted to let you all know that I hired Cynthia at Gyidi Web Design & Consulting LLC from this group (IntrovertWomen Entrepreneurs) to do a website for a client. She is so super professional and prompt! After months of my client getting jerked around by others, he now has a great website. I will for sure use her for any website needs I have in the future!

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