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My name is Mercy Ameyaw and I’m the creative behind BeauTiwaa Ink. I have always had a keen interest in art of all forms from a young age. I was always the student drawing calligraphy, bubble letters, and symbols all over her notebook. In Elementary School, I had the opportunity to participate in summer sessions at the Worcester Art Museum, which cultivated my talents. In Junior High School, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Worcester Center for Crafts and teach young children how to exercise their creative talents. All of these opportunities helped shape me into the creative and artistic individual I am today.

I later grew a fascination for Adobe Photoshop and began doing small projects for fun and then officially started doing logos and flyers for businesses, churches, and anyone that needed materials, handouts, and posters for their events. I love crafts and designing! I love to put my brain to test to find out which creative ideas I can come up with.

My passion is creativity! My creativity is expressed through BeauTiwaa Ink.

I’ve spent several years doing makeup for myself and others. When I first began, I would practice not only on myself, but on my sister and any friends who had no problem with me applying my touch to their beautiful faces. I took it seriously and made time to perfect this craft as well, thus allowing me to move forward with brides, bridesmaids, and prom clients.

When it comes to invitation suites and faux flower bouquets, it all started when I was getting married. I was always the DIY queen and it would be no different when it came to completing tasks for my wedding, and so I took those jobs on. I created invitations for my own guests and went ahead to make the bouquets for myself, my 8 bridesmaids and my flower girl.

Did I forget to mention that I’m also a wife and a mother to two amazing children? My hands get full, but due to my love for crafts and designing, I always make time to fulfill the requests of my clients! Every bit of my story sets me up to be an experienced artist that is ready to assist you with all of your needs. This dream all started out as a hobby and by God’s grace, people keep coming back for more of my services!

*Please note that the designs may have changed since its initial launch.

Project Goals

the brief

Mercy reached out to us in anticipation for an event that she would be tabling at. This event would be the debut of her brand new business. She was interested in having a platform where all of her gifts could shine. Mercy was also interested in creating an online shopping experience where her prospects could customize their invitation before making the final purchase.

Gyidi also helped Mercy by sketching out her brand mark and being present in-person for her brand shoot, providing direction and also shooting photos and video.

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Client Testimonial


Mercy A.

I don’t know where I can begin with Gyidi Web Design and Consulting Services. They really outdid themselves with my website From the moment I expressed what I wanted, they started building a website that was beyond what I foresaw it to be. Their team is meticulous, personable, and hard-working. The amount of dedication that went into my website is impressive and I would highly recommend them again and again. I’m a tough critic and they were able to wow me. I just go on my page just to admire their work, and if you choose Gyidi Web Design and Consulting Services I’m sure you will too. Make the right decision today and choose them. They definitely deserve five stars.

Project Credits

Web Hosting: GoDaddy
Page Builder: Enfold
Integrations: WooCommerce, WooCommerce Extensions

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