Follow These Steps To Ensure That Your Wedding Website Has The Most Detailed Information & Components

Getting married is such an important, yet exciting time. It’s the one day where EVERYONE acknowledges that it’s all about you. You want your wedding website to be the start of the excitement that will be experienced on your wedding day. A wedding site tells your guests all about the two of you, how you came together, where you’ll be tying the knot and more. You want your site to be the a great reflection of the love the both of you have for each other. Here are tips and explanations of different components that can be added to your site.

How did you meet? You may want to give some shout outs here if a friend of yours put the two of you together. 🙂 Take this opportunity to tell people how your love came to fruition. You can either opt to share one story OR the both of you can tell your stories from your own point of view, after all, there’s always someone who will forget some of the details. It’s adds to the element of surprise.

How did you get here? It may be fun to add a story explaining how the proposal occurred as well as a video. Proposals are a nice surprise and it would be great to paint a picture of what the reaction was.

Some brides and grooms like to give their guests a taste of who the will be a part of the bridal party. In this case, a photo of each member will be provided as well as their own written well wishes that will be shared on the page.

Where will your wedding be taking place? This is where you add the address(es) of your venue(s). You do not want anyone to get lost, so make sure you provide this in case they forget their invitation at home. You also want to include the time your service will begin so that your guests will arrive on time. If you have any special instructions, you can also include that here. For example, if there are no kids allowed, you can include that, or if there is a particular color that the guests are implored to wear, this would be the place for that.

Here, you can get whatever information you will need from your guests. You can find out who is attending, how many are attending, their food choice, and more. What will make your planning process easier? Put all of that into question form and let us add it to your website.

Showcase your love with a photo gallery. You can showcase your engagement photos and/or photos that the two of you have taken over the years.

Use this space to have your guests write their well wishes for you and your new journey.

You can let people know which hotels you have blocked off at a discounted rate for them. This way, they will be able to take advantage of savings. By doing this, hotels will also let you know how many rooms have been booked so that you can prepare baskets for each room.

Most wedding websites do not have a guest tour guide, however, if you have family members coming into town a few days in advance, you may want to create a guide for them. A guest guide let’s your friends and family know what sites they can visit and what activities they can participate in when they visit the surrounding cities.

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