How Do I Make The Greatest First Impression With My Home Page?

Your home page is the first thing you future consumers will see about you. It’s basically your very first impression without actually meeting a physical person. What do you want your home page to say about you and/or your business?

Home pages reel in future consumers and either have them interested or just drive them away in search of something more fulfilling. Yes, a home page has that much of an influence on whether you retain a consumer or not. What should you have on your home page? Your home page serves as an introduction for what your business is about and what it entails.

There are several things to consider when determining your course of action for your home page.


What are your home page goals? What emotion would you like to evoke once an individual views your home page? Take a moment to note down what you want your visitors to experience when they see your front page and determine what that would look like. There are several elements that can be added to a first page to evoke a variety of emotions while representing your brand in the most appealing manner.


A fullscreen image takes up the space of the device you are on. It is the first thing you see  outside of the heading. If you choose this, you want to make sure that your photo is of the greatest quality and that it sparks a reaction from your consumers. Optimize this choice by displaying a photo of your product, best work, or of someone enjoying the product or service that you offer.


Similar to the fullscreen image, this version will show a video production of your choice. You can go the extra mile and make a commercial that will give your visitors a clear idea of what your business is about. If your website is about media, you can show your latest production in order to give your visitors an idea of what your work looks like.


Refer back to fullscreen image. You will have this element with a colored overall, for example black or white so that you can put legible text over your photo to introduce your business.


With an online shop, it’s important to start off by offering your products and some type of deal in order to reel your consumers in. They want to know that your products are worth purchasing and that if they take that step, they will get something extra in return.


Not only do you want to draw your visitors in, you want them to ACT. Give them a task to complete so that they can be drawn in to what you offer. By asking your visitors to subscribe, you are encouraging them to keep up with you and the new things you will offer in the future. This is a great way to convert visitors into your customers. Keep them in the loop and offer them discounts form time to time. You can have a pop-up subscription offer of have it embedded onto your front page so that they can sign up whenever they are ready.

No matter what you decide to do, just know that your decisions should make your site UNIQUE and reel visitors in to explore more of your website.

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